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I love blonde hair. I have it myself and I spend hours looking at it on-line! Other than playing with some fashion colours I cant see myself being anything else. Of course I have been brunette buuutttt blondes just do it better (I think! Ha!)

What blonde should you be going for? There are literally hundreds of names for blonde, blonde looks and blonde techniques these days. Ten years ago you either had cap highlights or foil highlights if you wanted more than one colour. And whatever your hair lifted to in the time allowed usually about half hour at a push that was the colour you got whether it was orange or not!! Toners? What are they when they’re at home?!

Now you get to choose from bronde (light brown) through to white by either babylights, teasylights, highlights, lowlights, ombre, balayage, foilyage, free hand painting, toners, root taps, root smudges, root melts, airtouch, you get the you know what you are looking at online when you see a beautiful head of blonde hair and say that’s what I, I'm afraid you don’t.

That’s where my job comes in. As I said before, I spend hours looking at hair online and taking classes so if you pop your inspiration pic in front of me, I will be able to tell you what technique was used to create the look, how much time it will take to get this look for you, how much it will cost and how often you will have to have it redone to keep it looking the same. Oh, and what at home products you need to use to keep your hair healthy and manageable.

There is a big difference between a full scalp bleach that needs re doing every 4 weeks to a balayage that only needs topping up every 4 months and this is why I have added a colour transformation service to the website. From the website you can book a consultation only appointment where you come to see me and we can talk about all this in person and I can feel your hair. Really important!! We can talk through all your options for achieving the look, your budget and maintenance.

I ABSOLUTLEY hate the term colour correction, you will see it overused so much on line if you spend anytime at all looking at hair pics, especially on Instagram. Having a large regrowth or wanting to change your look is not, to me, a ‘correction’ it is however a ‘transformation’. Perfect example, I have a lady who has been having fashion colours for her last two visits. However she is getting married latter in the year and wants her hair to be silver. So far we have been getting her hair light enough to put the fashion shade over it but not light enough for silver. This will result in there being some colour bands in her hair so we are going to ‘transform’ it to the new blonde she wants next time. Some people will argue that technically I’m ‘correcting’ the bands but... pfft whatevs! So this will fall under my new ‘colour transformation’ service.

I may be explaining too much but I want to set an example of what falls into the ‘transformation’ category.

I also want to chat here about getting what you want, when you want it. The most annoying thing about finding pictures on the internet is that there is no detail. A picture does not always speak a thousand words when it comes to hair. It won't tell you that, that head of hair had 5 years worth of DIY box colour on it, took 5 sessions of 5 hours to get that light and in person feels like straw!

We have to work out a plan, find the best way to achieve your goals and set off on a journey that will become your beautiful blonde hair that’s healthy and feels amazing.

I think I could talk about this all day, everyday but I should probably let you go. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to email me at or you can book for a colour transformation consultation here on the website.

See you soon

Tara x


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