TJ Jacks 



I love blonde hair. I have it myself and I spend hours looking at it on-line! Other than playing with some fashion colours I cant see myself being anything else. Of course I have been brunette buuutttt blondes just do it better (I think! Ha!)

What blonde should you be going for? There are literally hundreds of names for blonde, blonde looks and blonde techniques these days. Ten years ago you either had cap highlights or foil highlights if you wanted more than one colour. And whatever your hair lifted to in the time allowed usually about half hour at a push that was the colour you got whether it was orange or not!! Toners? What are they when they’re at home?!

Now you get to choose from bronde (light brown) through to white by either babylights, teasylights, highlights, lowlights, ombre, balayage, foilyage, free hand painting, toners, root taps, root smudges, root melts, airtouch, you get the you know what you are looking at online when you see a beautiful head of blonde hair and say that’s what I, I'm afraid you don’t.