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What is Fabriq Reset, and what can it do for you?

Fabriq Reset is a keratin treatment for your hair. You may have seen one of my many Facebook or Instagram posts explaining the benefits of Fabriq but I really want to dig deeper into what it does and how it can benefit you.

Firstly what is a keratin treatment? Keratin is what our hair is made from. A complex chain of different proteins known as bonds. Your hair’s strength and shape are determined by sulphur, hydrogen and ionic salt bonds. The stronger the bonds and the more of them, the healthier your hair. When these bonds are broken, your hair becomes weak, frizzy and hard to manage.

Hair can become damaged from various environmental (sun, wind, pollution etc) and mechanical (colouring, heat styling, washing, brushing etc) forms. Fabriq helps to replace the damaged proteins in the hair making it feel its absolute best before we exposed it to all of these types of damage.

Fabriq Reset can also help to straighten and smooth curly, wavy and fizzy hair. If you imagine in straight hair the protein chains look like a normal ladder where as in curly or wavy hair these ladders have offset rungs. These ‘ladder rungs’ are made from ionic salt bonds. The formulation within Fabriq reset disrupts these bonds while the proteins repair, strengthen, smooth and add shine.

The porosity of your hair can also add problems. Porosity is the extent to which hair absorbs water into microscopic gaps in each strand. The more broken bonds in your hair, the more gaps. This can make the hair weaker, less able to hold a style, affected by humidity and time consuming to dry. Fabriq Reset fills the gaps in the hair with low pH proteins which prevent excess moisture from getting in therefore providing humidity resistance. These proteins strengthen the inner structure of each strand and smooth the outer surface, and the results last for up to four months.

One of the most exciting results from having a Fabriq Reset treatment can be hair growth. Weak and damaged hair is not so good at growing because it breaks off. Fabriq gives hair the strength it needs to stay healthy between trim appointments meaning you can expect to see additional growth more than normal untreated hair.

I hope you have found this information helpful and if you would like to discuss having a Fabriq Reset treatment further please get in touch. The results are truly stunning!

Tara x


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