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Three Levels of Luxury!

Have you been on the booking site and wondered what the Luxury part of the service options means? I thought I would break it down for you so you know all of the options.

Things that are standard for every service no matter what option you choose –

  • The salon is always one to one, it is a safe space and everyone is welcome.

  • The Salon is heated or cooled to 21 degrees for your comfort

  • The highest quality products are used.

Cut and Blow Dry

The first option is a Cut and Blow Dry. During this service you will receive an in-depth consultation to determine your hair needs and goals. A deep cleansing and strength enhancing Olaplex Shampoo and Condition. The haircut and style of your choice.

Luxury Cut and Blow Dry

This option is the next step up and where things start to get yummy! When you first arrive you will receive a hot/cold beverage of your choice to have while we have an in-depth consultation about your hair needs and goals. This is also where we decide what extra benefits your hair requires to feel at its absolute optimum. Potential extras available during this service are an Olaplex Chelating Treatment, this is an intensive deep cleansing service to remove product and mineral build up from the hair that can be caused by many things but especially the very hard water that we have in this area. The Chelating Treatment will help your hair to not only feel softer and more manageable but also for the colour to look naturally brighter and shinier. During the consultation we will have also determined if this needs to be followed up by an Intense Moisture Treatment which will help to restore your hairs softness and manageability.

During the conditioning section of the treatment you will receive a 5 minute head massage.

We then move on to cut and style your hair. During the styling process we will deal with any problems you have managing your hair at home whilst styling and you are welcome to video record me styling your hair for you to watch back later while you are doing it yourself.

Luxury Plus Cut and Blow Dry

This one really is the ultimate in hair restoration. The Luxury Plus option has the same flow as the luxury options given above with the addition of an Olaplex Stand-Alone Treatment. This is the most powerful delivery of Olaplex’s patented hair restoring disulphide bond repair technology available. Olaplex is the only bond repair technology available that retores the hair from the inside out giving the hair back its natural strength and vibrance.

If your hair has required a Chelating Treatment, after that we apply the Olaplex Stand-Alone. This actually comprises of two steps but they are so quick you would think that it is one. Whilst this potent formula is working its magic I give a lovely head massage for 10 minutes to invigorate the scalp and help you relax. The third step is to then apply the Intense Moisture Treatment to lock in the multiple benefits from this ultimate hair treatment. Again whilst cutting and styling you are welcome to video the styling process for you to look back on at home.

All the options listed above are also available as blow dry only options when no cut is required.

I hope that this has given you some clarity on the services that I offer and why there are different price points available. If you have any questions or would like to book a complimentary in person consultation to discuss your hair requirements, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Tara x


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