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TJ Jacks 


Game Changing Gloss!

Last week you may have seen that I posted on my social media about a new glossing service I will be offering. Well it's here! The finishing touches have been added to the services and are available to book on the website. You can choose any of the Luxury services and it will automatically book you for the glossing service.

But I’m really here to tell you about the product itself.


Chroma ID is a semi-permanent gloss and or toner. It can be used as a clear gloss to enhance your own colour or we can use a toner shade to add or cancel tone as required. Because it is a non oxidative colour (no peroxide) it causes zero damage to the hair, in fact it contains Schwarzkopfs integrated Bonding Technology that provides intense care by enforcing structural bonds within the hair shaft. Also because it is a non oxidative colour no patch test is required before using, meaning that it can be applied at anytime. The gloss lasts for up to 15 washes, so great for if you are feeling like a quick change or want to vamp things up for a special occasion but if you are hoping to keep the shade for a bit longer the product can be purchased in a handy take home size for at home maintenance between appointments! I find the product really exciting because the possibilities are literally endless. With 22 shades available I will be able to make your hair dreams come to life. You can book your gloss service by clicking here or if you have any other questions send me an email at! Tara x


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