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TJ Jacks 


Education, Education. Education!

I’ve been trying to use this time during lockdown wisely. I have invested in my on going learning by attending on-line courses not just on how to do your hair better but also how to run my business to the best of my ability.

The first thing I want to tell you about is a new highlighting technique that piqued my attention just before Christmas as it became more and more popular. It is a technique that has been created in Russia by a chap called Vladimir Sarbashev. The technique is called AirTouch and it utilises air from a hairdryer to divide the hair into sections by pushing the internal layers and shorter hairs out of the way. The remaining hair is coloured in foils. The result is a low maintenance, high impact natural looking highlight that seamlessly blends through your hair easily allowing you to leave months between appointments.

I had hoped to launch the technique in salon with photos and social media coverage but alas I’m sat at home writing about it instead. I just cant wait to be in the salon doing it!! The clients that did have it done before Christmas were so happy with the results its now something that I will be adding to the service menu. There are currently very few salons offering the service anywhere in the UK but I think once you have seen the results you will agree this look is STUNNING!

I have also spent time becoming an OLAPLEX certified stylist. This means that I have completed their full training coarse and the salon will be a recognised OLAPLEX salon. The benefits from using OLAPLEX during colour services is, to my belief and millions of others around the world, incomparable to any other bond building product on the market today. This is why I will be adding OLAPLEX to every colour service. No exceptions.

And on the business side of things there are going to be some small changes. I have used this time to put a solid plan in place of how I want to see my business operate going forward. There will be some things added to the service menu like the AirTouch technique I mentioned above and there will be some things removed. I will no longer be offering a T-Section of highlights as I think with the latest trends in hair colouring and what we want from a highlighting appointment has made this a rather outdated approach to achieve the results we want to see.

What I have also learnt from these ‘COVID times’ is that some things that we have had to do because of COVID are actually a better way of doing things. COVID took away the ability to ‘double book’ clients -this is where you have someone else jump in the chair while your first clients colour is processing- and I actually like this. There’s less pressure to have so many people through the door and I can concentrate on giving the person in my chair the best experience possible. All of me, if you will, for the time allocated. And all of the salon. That space, for that time can be your sanctuary. We can talk or we can, not. It can be whatever you want it to be and for me that’s special and hopefully a bit unique.

Tara x


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