TJ Jacks 


My New Friend...

So...I want to let you into a little secret...

I'm a 'professional' product convert.

6 weeks ago I ventured into the unknown of trying a new shampoo and conditioner at home and I want to rave about OLAPLEX. Now let me explain... I have really thick hair but each individual hair itself is fine. I really struggle to find a product that is moisturising enough to use on my coloured hair but doesn't weigh it down and make it flat and greasy within a few hours of washing. Having been a hair stylist for 15 years I have tried loads of different shampoos and conditioners (S&C from here on out) and just never found anything that was right over a long period of time.

Side note - let me quell a little myth here, your hair does not 'get used to' products. There is no reason to repeatedly change your S&C for any other reason than you are not getting the results you want from it BUT there is a reason you're not getting the results you want which I will go on to explain later.

I had however found a shop brand that seemed to do the job moderately ok and only cost me 49p a bottle. Happy Days!  Fast forward to the opening of my salon and I want to be able to offer my clients the best in hair care available, especially when you've spent your hard earned cash and I've put a lot of effort into making your hair as beautiful as it can be. So I start my research and found my new friend Olaplex.