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Patch Testing - All You Need To Know!

Well were do I start! I wanted to call this blog post Hairdressing Hysteria but decided on the current title for your ease of finding the post!

So while you have all been rejoicing from the end of home schooling or still just quietly tapping away in your home office the hairdressing industry has been going into meltdown.

All because of Skin Testing. Patch Testing. Allergy Alert Testing and the thousands of other names it goes by but to you and me its seeing if you’re allergic to hair colour and its various ingredients. I’m going to call it patch testing from here on out (it will be apparent why I’ve chosen this wording a bit later).

Apparently the number of cases being brought against hairdressers for various reasons but mainly hair colour reactions is on the up and it has prompted the insurance companies to review our policies. This means we have to review the way that we offer patch tests, how they are conducted, how frequently they are conducted and the information that is gathered from these tests and how it is stored.

You can see why it’s sent us all a bit gaga!!

So I’m going to do a breakdown here of all the relevant information, hopefully so you as my clients and I as the hairdresser can wrap our heads around what is going to become the new norm (how very appt HA) for hair colouring.

  • All clients new and old will need to receive a patch test before having their hair coloured after the 12th April 2021.

  • There are two ways to carry out the patch test:

1. You can book a slot at the salon for me to apply the patch test for you free of charge. The booking can be made through the website. This must be done 48hrs before your colour appointment so if you have an appointment on Saturday you will have to visit the salon on Thursday etc.

2. I can post you The Patch Test Kit. This is a kit for you to carry out the test yourself at home 48hrs before your appointment and record the results. There is a charge for this service which will be £6 and there are certain stipulations to their use, i.e. if you do not take photographic evidence I will not be able to do your colour service. Full instructions are included in the kit.

  • Patch tests have to be carried out every 12 months no matter how often you are coming to the salon to get your hair coloured. Between these tests you will have to answer screening questions at each colour appointment. You will need to be retested if:

    • It's more than 6 months since your last colour.

    • You’ve had a tattoo, henna or black henna tattoo or permanent make-up since your last colour.

    • Had any reaction to hair dye since your last professional colour.

    • Are taking medication for allergies.

    • If the hair colour brand is being changed.

  • The screening questionnaire has to be filled out by me and signed by you on every visit. You will need to be aware that you will be asked these screening questions on every visit and if you know there has been a change in your circumstances and think you may need a patch test prior to your appointment please let me know.

  • This information must be held by me for 6 years whether you remain my client in that time or not. All information is stored securely and obviously never passed on to a third party.

I hope that this has been informative to you. If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to email them to me at

For those of you waiting with baited breathe to be back in the salon to have those dreaded lockdown roots painted over I will be in touch shortly to make patch test arrangements with you. Not long now, all being well!

Tara x


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