TJ Jacks 


Shedding or Hair Loss?

I've had several people coming to me lately saying that they are experiencing a significant amount of hair loss so I thought I would come here to explain what's normal and what's not.

Thoughout the year it is normal, for a person with medium thinkness hair to loose on average between 50 and 100 hairs a day. That may seem a lot but with the average hair density being 1,500 per square inch it is a realitivily small amount. It is widely accepted that we have around 100,000 hairs on our heads so we loose approx. 0.1% daily. These hairs are constantly being replaced, so we never notice a significant drop in hair thickness. Of coarse this is all based on the law of averages. Some people may feel that they don’t have that much hair or a bit more than average but the main point is that it is all normal.

So why are we noticing it now? In the autumn we do tend to shed a bit more than average. This is because, over the summer our bodies have not shed quite so much to protect us from additional UV rays in the warmer mon