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To DIY...Or Not To DIY?

One of the biggest things I miss from not being at work is regaling you all with the funny little anecdotes of things that happen in my crazy life! So I thought I would come here to tell you all a little tale... and maybe give you some advice in the mean time.

Anyone who has their hair professionally coloured is now getting to the "Do I? Don’t I?" stage of "Shall I try to do it myself at home?" There will be the absolute no’s, the on the fencers and the hell yeah why nots? I found myself in exactly the same boat a couple of weeks ago but my problem is I’ve not had my hair done since October! It needed doing in November but we were in lockdown, then things were crazy busy before Christmas and all my stylist friends were also busy so no luck there... then BAM back into lockdown = terrible hair for Tara.

In January when it started to look really terrible I thought its fine I’ll do it myself. Not the full blown job I usually have someone else do, but I can do a little 'keep-y go-ey'. Just something to tide me over, make it not so horrendous...

I told my husband of my plans, informed him he needed to be on hand to help with the back, and off we went. Well it was awful! Now, I’m an experienced stylist, but I couldn’t for the life of me get the hang of doing what I needed to do on myself in the mirror! What should have been a relatively quick job took forever and half way through I wanted to give up, which would have been even worse! And to top it all off I didn’t get the result I was hoping for. An evening completely wasted and I still have s**t hair!

So what should I have done?

Oh yeah, waited. Just waited until I can see one of my stylist friends for them to sort me out. I’ve gone from being a highlight and tone, to a colour correction = more money + more time.

What I’m saying is don’t be an idiot like me. Learn from my mistakes and not your own, because I guarantee it will cost you more to fix when we are allowed back!

There are some awesome products on the market that allow you to cover your roots temporarily between each wash. Things like L’oreal Touch Up Spray will tide you over for that Zoom meeting, for less than a tenner online. Much less than it will cost to remove unwanted permanent colour from your hair at your next salon visit! And of course, if you need any advice just email me I’ll happily answer your questions. I have a bit of time on my hands!!

I cant wait to be back!

Tara x


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